I have an issue that i cannot seem to find the cause. Ill start with the issue. I am getting this....Swirly almost subtle phaser/Auto wah/chorus sound our of my amp, but i have no modulation effects plugged in and there are none built in. I'm running any of my guitars, into a big bad wah ----> Nova Drive ----> ISP Decimator (original one) ----> Laney Ironheart 60 Watt Head ----> Mesa Boogie 1/2 open 4x12 c90's on top, evh12ls on the bottom. In the effects loop Mxr 10 band eq ----> bbe sonic maximizer. It seems to be more present when I'm using the nova drive as an overdrive in front of the Laney lead or rhythm channel, but its still there even without. I really am trying to get rid of this color that's being added to the sound. Is this being caused by bad Tubes or the two different speaker types? I've checked and all the speakers are in phase. The amp is cranked when i notice this, id say 5-6 with the Wattage all the way up. Please help me troubleshoot this...thanks!. All pedals I use are analog.
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i would think a preamp tube is microhonic. tap on the tubes lightly with a pencil eraser and see if one makes a horrible sound, then replace that tube. IMO i would get a whole new set, then you will still have extras if you need them urgently or for another amp.
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Most likely a preamp tube but I have heard power tubes do that too. I'd test the preamp tubes (by substitution) first.
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Does not seem to be a power tube or pre-amp tube....none of them make any noise when I tap on them other than the expected tap tap.
Does it do it with no pedals plugged in?
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holy shit a BBE pedal made swirl?

there's another pedal for someone to rebrand/goop to sell for a massive upcharge on tgp
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I love the BBE Stomp. It is the one pedal that is always on from the start of a gig to the end. I think the idea of it fighting with the EQ pedal is a very probable. Before the Stomp I used a rack version of the BBE. I have never had trouble with them.
This is going to be a really weird question, but are you playing in a room with a ceiling fan? I have this issue on all of my guitars through all of my amps when I have the fan on in my room. I have no idea why but it happens.