Hello! I saw this mod and was thinking about attempting it on a junker I have lying around
However, I just can't seem to find any technical information on the nut specs for a 12 string nut for nylon.
I'd prefer to just save myself the time and get a 12 string nut, nut slotting has proved difficult for me in the past.
the neck width at the nut is 2'' (50mm)
all the 12 string nuts I can find are like 44-48mm
Does anyone have any idea where I might find a nut to fit my specs?
And if I do have to slot, does anyone have any information on the spacing?
I thought getting a 6 string nut and slotting the extras might be easier,
would the extras strings all just go below the existing string? Then the slot for the high E would go above it I'm guessing?
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