I already have an LTD EC401 with a JB in the bridge. I've been thinking of upgrading my strat's bridge pickup, which I rarely use, for something with more output which I could use for metal-style stuff. The current bridge pickup doesn't sound too good for that particular use. I'd like something that would sound different than the JB though. What about the DiMarzio's Super Distortion? Would the output be too high and cause balance issue with other pickups? Tone zone? Air Norton? I'm kind of leaning towards rails to be honest (and DiMarzios obviously! :grin: ) and something that doesn't have too much highs.

My strat is a MIM '99 so I think the body is poplar but I'm not sure...
I have JB Jr. in the bridge and neck positions of my American Standard Strat. I like the pickup, it cuts through like no other when playing live. Would not recommend it for a more modern metal tone though. It excels at Iron Maiden, of course, since Janick Gers uses these pickups in his Strats.

Initially, I had intended to keep the neck single-coil, but after a while I realised that having a guitar with two different tones I couldn't really switch between easily without adjusting volume and gain was a major disadvantage. I ended up putting in a JB Jr in the neck position too. (I was told this at first too, of course, but I didn't think it would be such a big problem.)

Some people will tell you to put in full size humbuckers, I say the single coil sized options are great even though they don't exactly mimic the full sized ones they are named after. One thing to consider is that they are intended for use with Fender standard 250k pots where full sized humbuckers would benefit hugely from switching the pots to 500k.
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I'm kind of 99% sold on the Tone Zone S. I want to keep changes to a minimum so it'd work, and I think it would give me a nice alternative to the JB on my LTD...
Just ordered the Tone Zone. And some NYXL 10-52 strings to put on when I get it. Can't wait!!! That should make me forget other guitars for a while...