First off greetings all, from the sunny Central Coast of NSW Australia.
I'm hoping a moderator or other forumite can shed some light on this.
Tonight when I opened up UG Tabs Pro HD on my iPad, it opened up a "Special Deal 50% OFF" the lifetime subscription which is $37.99.
When I press the Get Now button it goes to the iTunes payment system and asks if I want to pay UG $37.99.
What happened to the 50% OFF?
Any clue how this works?
Regards. Steve
Received this reply from support.
Hi Steve,
50% is not a discount price, it's an approximate future advantage, if you change your subscription plan from autorenew to Lifetime.
Certain price is $29.99 US.
Best regards,
Your Ultimate Guitar Team

It seems to me that, despite the people running the show that this is a legitimate sales approach, I think that compared to most online discount offers that it is purposely deceptive.
Why, when normally an online offer is self explanetry, do I have to contact support to be told the 50% OFF offer, in fact saves me nothing because I already understand the benefits of not paying monthly. Out of step with the rest of the net, I think.
Your best bet is to continue to take this up with their support and in that same section of the forums that I linked you to.

With the exception of those few forums in the Support section, the rest of these forums have no involvement with the official apps and subscription services.
My God, it's full of stars!