I have a Marshall MHZ Haze combo 40w. It comes with a 2 button footswitch for channel switching and effects. Works great and all, but its unhandy that I can't detach the cable from the footswitch. The footswitch is on my effects board, which goes in a suitcase. This means I have to roll up the cable and put it on top of my effects, which moves all the knobs around.

Is there any way I could solve this problem?
You can take it to electronics repair shop and have them put in a jack at the switch side, like a female 1/4 inch mono. Maybe get one of the Velcro cable wraps (Home Depot)) and just attach cable to something so it doesn't move. I've seen some touring bands use painter's tape on top of the effect knobs not to move or put a strip of tape on each effect pedal and write the settings.