Been listening to a lot of Intronaut and Pelican, this is more or less what came off it. Though i know this ain't a very popular genre i still like it because of the prog sound it generally carries. Anyways this tune is pretty much done and just want to get some input from you fine folks before trying to record it(hopefully)
And Oceans.gp5
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The intro riff is very metalcorey and I personally don't like it because that sort of thing is way overdone, but the song really picks up in the chorus and lead interlude. Those would be the strongest points in my opinion. The transition from 7/8 to 6/4 is... interesting. Takes a while to get used to, but I think it works. Btw your change up part is written in that 4/4 - 3/4 pattern but really it's just 7/8 again, makes it easier to read.

Transition into the outro is a little awkward but the outro itself is really good too. Really my only qualm with the song overall is the intro riff.
The first two riffs aren't all that special i agree but i wanted a thorough metal sound to kick off the tune to the more melodic stuff. My transitions are still a little wonky but i'm getting better at them now. man thanks for the advice on the change up, definitely needed simplifying. appreciate the honesty and thanks for the advice