Hey Everyone,
I'm still pretty new to guitar all things considered. I have a couple very entry-level guitars. A Mitchel Acoustic Dreadnought, got for about a hundred bucks from GC. And an 80's Harmony Electric strat-copy I got for like 50 from someone on craigslist.

I'm thinking of trading in my Mitchel at GC or a local shop or something for a little trade in credit towards the Gretsch Jim Dandy. Or maybe just keep the Mitchel for a backup or whathaveyou. I'm want to get something that's a little more portable for porches and such, and also a little easier to sit on the couch with. I've read some pretty glowing reviews on sweetwater and amazon and stuff.

I'd love to get something like the GS Mini, but I can't justify spending that much. I'm not really going up much in price (total street price is only around 149.99), but from what I'm reading, it'd probably be a moderate step up in quality.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could give me any of their impressions of it. What is the size of of a Parlor guitar compared to the Martin Mini (or any other brand's "Mini"). Is the quality/feel very much above that of other entry-level guitars?

Lastly, is a parlor guitar still adequate for learning on? I'll still at the very least have the full-size electric to switch on and off with, but I feel like the smaller size will have me picking it up and playing more often. Especially since it will be so much more portable.

And any other info/insight you might have. Thanks for any help in advance!