Hey guys,

I have been trying to fix my guitar for almost 3 weeks now. I have a raised top that has separated the top from the sides.... There is also a crack in the bottom side panel that has seemed to get bigger. It does not go through to the inside of the guitar, but still! I am trying, it seems to be no use...

I live in Canada, and I have been using an Oasis Humidifier. Top still is not coming down, and its stressing me right out. Still plays good, but the action is low enough that i have a bit of fret buzz. The bridge is not loose from the top. I am kinda at a loss for what to do, Help!

Its a Martin D-15 if that helps. Really trying to avoid a Luthier, as I cannot really afford it....
are you using a hygrometer? without using one - and one you tested for accuracy and callibrated - everything else you do is guess work. i'd suggest that you humidify the room rather than using one of those little oasis humidifiers.

btw, if the top is raised, wouldn't that indicated the guitar is too humid rather than too dry?

read more about that here

and please, for the sake of your guitar, buy, test and use a hygrometer!
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