I have a Digitech DL-8 that does very basic looping, but I am interested in getting a pedal with more advanced looping features. Thing is, I would love to not have to pay much more than $100 so I am looking at the TC Ditto Looper and DigiTech Jam Man Express XT. I have a few songs that I want to try on guitar, and my idea is to use the looper to first lay down a rhythm-type track with muted strings, then the chords on top of that, then the lead or synth-type parts on top. My question is, with the "undo" some of these pedals have, can I have it remove the chords and lead parts and just keep the rhythm track playing? To simplify, I want at least 3 layers, if I record layer 1, then 2, then 3, can I quickly undo 2 and 3 and just have 1 keep playing so I can continue a different section of the song? I know the Ditto has an undo feature, but I am having a hard time finding out about specifics. From reading the manual, it seems if I record parts 2 and 3 in the same take, i.e. without stopping overdub mode between parts, then I can undo them both together and keep part 1 playing underneath. Is that right? Anyone have any experience with the pedal?

Can I do the same thing with the JamMan Express XT? Edit: It seems due to stereo functionality, 9v battery option, and cheaper price, I'm leaning towards the JamMan at this point. But most importantly, can it do what I described?
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Undo takes out the last take. So for example: you lay down one track of bassline. Then you stop recording. Then you start recording again and play some chords. Then hit undo. The chords disappear.

Another: play a rhythm in the first take. Stop recording. Then start again and play a lead. Keep it recording and play a harmony to the lead. Hit undo and the lead AND harmony disappear because they were recorded in the same take.

So the answer is yes, you can do what you described.

You could record a rhythm in one take, and then in the second take play over the riff with all sorts of leads and noises and whatever you want until the rhythm isn't discernible. Then hit undo and you'd be back to the rhythm.
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