Presenting Sons of Crom from Sweden. Direct heirs in sound to the father of Viking metal. These guys will kick ass if they keep this up.



And how do we hear about this tiny little band's big debut? Debemur Morti, their label, stuffs Sons of Crom's debut album as a fake leak of the highly anticipated Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III album. ****ing brilliant! Everyone got trolled hard into thinking Vindsvaal started doing straight up Viking metal lol! And what a sweet marketing move for Sons of Crom. I certainly got sold.

Looking forward to hearing the actual Vetusta III this year. All hail.
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That was pretty good mang. I also really liked the acoustic section.
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Really liking the guitar tone on Riddle of Steel. Not to Sons of Crom, always put an "e" on Steel and you'll be guaranteed underground respect.

I think Conqueror is far better than their latest. No real gripes with any of their work. All good.