I play punk with my bass. But I have noticed that when I hit a string too hard on a clean channel, there's an audible buzz effect that almost sounds like a hint of distortion that comes from the string. Especially bad on the 5th string. This especially ruins the ability to play slap bass. I'm not quite sure what's causing this. Is it a problem with the pickups, or my string height, or what?
Can anyone help?
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Something like this happened to me. I had quite a bit of fret buzz, and it would be audible through the amp. Check you neck relief and string height. What worked for me was I adjusted the truss rod and brought the strings lower. Now the only buzzing I get is when I don't press down hard enough on the strings.

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Yeah, as SexyBeast810 said, check your neck relief. But if only happens on one string, you may want to raise the action of that string. It may be that your 5th string is too low.

Does the fret buzz happen on lower frets (lower than 12) or all around the fretboard?

But yeah, how to check your neck relief? You need to press down the 1st and 12th frets of one string (I always use my lowest string) at the same time and check the gap between the string and the 7th fret. If there is no gap, you need to loosen your truss rod. If there is a small gap, your neck is not causing the problem. And if there is a bigger gap, the neck is not causing the problem but I would suggest tightening the truss rod a bit because it allows you to have low action.
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