So I was just out walking my dog. I live in a small town and I went to the park. I saw 2 haircuts that really baffled me. Like just impossible hair.

So that was the first one. It was on a male and as you can see, the sides of the head are shaved but the top of it sticks straight out in the rough shape of a pizza tray.

The second one was on a female. It was tied up into a vague zeppelin shape right on the top of her head. I tried to portray the enormity of it in my drawing but I can't quite get it across.

Now I know people have had stupid haircuts for as long as people have had haircuts but I don't really expect to see a haircut this bizarre when I'm just out walking my dog, nevermind twice. So is this something people are doing with greater frequency or was I just lucky? Discuss bizarre haircuts and their frequency. Accompany them with drawings if you like.

Mouths, or lack thereof, are not important to this topic.
From your drawings (which I like) I would say those two people were related in some way.
It's what happens when looking stupid becomes the next big trendy thing but people who call it stupid are too ignorant about fashion to comprehend the meaning of trendy.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone has told you this yet, but I really like your drawings.
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They were black weren't they. Looks like black people hairstyles.

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