I've been looking for a new guitar to add to my collection. I am a big Ibanez fan but I am open to other brands. What I've been looking for a a 24 fret non locking trem guitar with two single coil pickups and one humbucker. Ibanez used to have one a long time ago and I once owned a Jackson that was really nice. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you own such a guitar? BTW, I play mostly metal and classic metal music.
Check out the Silhouette from Musicman ( but it has a Humbucker in the neck )

The Silhouette Special is HSS - but it's 22 frets - either way - they're amazing guitars. I have the Silhouette Special and its incredible.
I use Carvin DC-145s (HSH).

Neck-through construction with a gorgeous smooth transition from neck to body. 24-fret 25" scale, with both Floyd and non-locker trems (Wilkinson) available. I have mine built with a master volume, master tone and a five-way, with three miniswitches. Two of them handle coil-splitting on the humbuckers and one is a bridge pickup add-in switch that gives you the bridge plus neck "middle position" sound that you get on a Les Paul. Extremely versatile guitars with non of the push-pull knob glitches. Great construction and finish quality, real ebony fretboards, real MOP and abalone inlays, outstanding fretwork and a ton of choices.

I have several that have either mahogany or koa body/neck construction with a maple cap.
what's your budget?

i have a lag jet 1000 (the cheaper chinese one, a while back it was made in france) which has the specs you're looking for. i got a crazy cheap deal on it, though, so I wouldn't really want to pay full list price
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