Hey guys, I`m back with a new track from my solo project called Hypnosis. This one has an Indie\Prog Rock feel, with a fairly shreddy solo towards the end (starts at 2:37). Took me quite some time to write, but I`m happy with how it came out

Have a listen and let me know what you think:

If you dig the style, feel free to listen (or re-listen) to my solo project. It has 10 tracks as of now, the genres are rock-prog-metal.
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Awesome solo, congrats

Thanks man! Feel free to subscribe, I got some more stuff coming up.
Hey people, I`m competing with Hypnosis in Indi.com`s Solo Performance competition and I`m currently at the 4th place. I'd really appreciate it if you voted for Hypnosis in this competition, I might just win this thing.