Hi all!

Me and my friends are starting a metal band with vocals, 2 guitarists and bassist. We need a drummer and are going to advertise in our local music shop. However, what should I look for in a drummer. We already think the following are...


Good sense of rhythm

Virtuoso drum skills

Friendly & funny

Into thrash metal

Able to socialize/practice on a weekly basis

Not Necessary (but still cool)

Long hair

Into videogames

Goes to our school

Please say if you think we should add anything more

Thrash drums certainly don't need "virtuoso drum skills" by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, other than doom and old school traditional heavy metal, thrash is probably the least technically demanding subgenre of metal in terms of drumming. And if you say that you are looking for a "virtuoso" then you will likely either get nobody or some full-of-themselves loser that is not as good as he thinks, especially if you are still in school.

Not only that, but "virtuoso drum skills" is not at all specific. Somebody might be a great jazz drummer but not know the first thing about thrash. You should ask for specific skills (double bass, blast beats, gravity blasts, etc) that you are looking for.

Also be sure to include your ages. If you guys are 15 you want people around the same age and not a bunch of older guys. If you guys are 40 you don't want young kids.

Also be very specific with you influences.
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Don't put "virtuoso drum skills" on an ad for a drummer.

Be satisfied if you find someone who is decent and can keep up with the rest of the band. Be very happy if you find someone who is slightly better than the rest of the band. (Too good of a drummer is as bad as one who can't keep up.)

If you are starting a band and you do not have anything to show to attract a member to complete the line-up, to be brutally honest - you are in a pretty shitty situation. Any decent drummer can find bands to play in, bands that are already working hard and have built something at least. Maybe they have a small fanbase in their town, an EP out etc.

You will probably need to invite them into a situation where they have just as much say in the band as anyone else. Be clear as to what you intend to play, but don't expect them to like the same things as you do. In the band ad I would include the following things: ages, description of who you are and the band (which includes the level of commitment you require), your influences and email/phone number. Nothing more.

Chances are that you are not one of those virtuoso players who can behave like they want, single-handedly make all the decisions, and still find musicians who want to play with you and have a career. Either you will learn to compromise and to value other things than having it your way all the time, or you will not and never get past the problems that all bands have to deal with.

It is as simple as that, really. Have fun, value playing with other musicians to learn things - and most of all remember that those bands you look up too may seem perfect to an aspiring musician, but believe when I say that they have had to learn to deal with problems too and are most likely having issues even now.

Good luck with your band.
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By virtuoso, I just meant versatile, able to play metal (double bass pedals, blast beats, gravity blasts, that kinda thing), maybe a knowledge of odd time signatures.

One thing to keep in mind (about life in general) is that just because you meant "versatile" does that mean that that is what the word "virtuoso" means and so anyone that knows what it means will interpret it as meaning "virtuoso" rather than what you meant.
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