Hi all, first post. I've recently built and documented a new pickup winder over at Instructables , and a friend of mine who frequents this forum suggested that some here might be interested/benefit from the post - hope it helps someone out :-)


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nice. Is that dovetailed plexiglass and did you cut it yourself?

It's dovetailed wood, I cut it on my laser cutter. I see where you're coming from though - it looks just like paper covered plexi. In the end, I'll probably re purpose a preexisting enclosure - while completely functional, the current one is kind of ugly. Fine for a working example though :-)
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No he's not, you had it right to begin with :-) they're dovetails - they have a 1deg taper. Very slight, but makes for super tight lasercut joints. When you add glue simple shapes swell, align and self jig.
For some reason the one thing that gets me above all else is how much of a pain it'll be to work on the receptacle behind the pegboard if you ever need to. Yes I've been running electrical circuits lately and it's stuck in my head.