So I just bought a new Line 6 DL-4 from an independent seller online and I can't get it to turn on. It requires 9VAC 1200ma to run. At first, i plugged in 9VDC 100ma into it and it wouldn't run, which makes sense. However, I then tried 9VAC 1300ma and it still wouldn't work. I decided to replace the batteries, but it made no difference. Even on the 4 C batteries, I can't get the pedal to turn on. If I run two cables through it, I can hear clean guitar, but I can't activate any of the effects.

I contacted my seller already and he said that he tested to make sure that it worked. He also said "I know that Line 6 pedals sometimes need a reversed polarity pin tip. If the supply you used doesn't meet those specs there may have been damage done to the unit." Now I'm afraid that I broke the pedal myself, but from what I read, using inappropriate power supplies have a tendency to slowly kill a pedal over time. Plugging this into a nearly new pedal for all of thirty seconds doesn't seem like it would have done any damage to me.

Can anyone help me? Is the pedal unusable, or should I just buy the Line 6 power supply? The thing that really gets me about all of this is the fact that it doesn't even turn on with the batteries.

Yes, the batteries are in the right direction.
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If it doesn't work with batteries, it's probably not going to work with a different power supply. There are a number of reasons why it's not powering up, but it's probably going to take a tech to find it.