Hi guys, so this is my take on mr scary by dokken/george lynch. I based my take off of a couple different ways ive seen him play it, and included a bunch of improv as well! The really challenging part of this song is the constant shifting between lead and rhythm, a lot of the lead licks in this song are in fact quite easy, BUT going between them and the different sometimes a little outside the box rhythm parts, can be VERY challenging. I learned a lot of this by ear and by watching lynch play it, so im probably not perfect in every part note wise. I would love to know what you guys think!!!

As always, I will gladly C4C!


Jake P
hey buddy
thanks alot for ur review , I really appreciate it ^^

i dun know this track to be honest but thats amazing , ur rhythm playing is very tight , so for ur shreds !
the tone is good but are u adding some effects to it , very low phaser or wah .. i dun know exactly , it makes it different from normal distortion !!

overall .. very good job as always (Y) (Y)