For reference: The Build Doc (PDF) can be found here. The schematic, parts list, and wiring diagrams are all there.

Ok, question time.

The diode bridge. I totally forgot to order this while I was ordering my other parts. I've done some reading, and it seems that the way these guys are rated, if I were to pick up something that has a higher current and voltage rating, I'd be fine (the one recommended in the build is rated at 1-amps, 100v). Apparently when you're choosing them, you use at least 3x what you think you'll need, and more is fine (albeit overkill).

Apparently Radioshack has one rated at 1-amps, 600v. I might pop over to a little electronics shop that I just found out about and see if they have it first, but if they don't, I just want to make sure that I'd be ok with something like the one from Radioshack.

Also, concerning the diode bridge, I'm still a little confused on how it works, but it seems to be the reason that there's nothing grounded in the wiring diagram. Is that why?

Last thing: I saw a few builds on the nets using the same PCB I'm using that has two resistors put over the diode bridge (going horizontally) and it seems that they're running off DC (which I plan to do anyway) with a wire going from somewhere to the ground on the DC jack. Anyone know what's going on there? If you search google images for "Neovibe guts", it's one of the first ones that comes up.

Thanks in advance
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