Pop Vinyls are basically a bunch of stylised pop culture toys. The range includes loads of characters, from the world of Disney to Jay & Silent Bob to Lord of the Rings to Arrested Development. They're about a tenner each. They look pretty cute and cool.

A bunch of my 20-something mates are collecting them...which is find really bizarre. I know people like having little things but collecting little plastic toys with their hard earned cash is a bit weird. I dunno.

Do any of you guys collect them?
I dont collect them or know people who do but i'm aware they exsist because a friend was tempted to buy a Daryl Dixon one
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i was thinking this would be about having like taylor swift on vinyl or something
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i was thinking this would be about having like taylor swift on vinyl or something

I can dream
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these are all over the place in this games/music/movies store i go to and i don't get it
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If I was into western media or comic books or shit, I probably would.
They aren't much different than the anime nendoroids I already buy.

As have I got a few nendoroids, though I know a few people with them pop vinyls.
I was gonna say it seems stupid but then I saw the Tobius Funke one in the nevernude shorts and I want it.
I've got six of these sitting on a shelf (Xenomorph, Dr Manhatten, Judge Dredd, Swedish Chef, Animal and Deadpool)
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I don't buy them or know anyone who does. I used to see them in all the gift shops in Disney World a few years ago when I used to go there.
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