im having an internal battle over whether to get vocal lessons and then maybe maybe not having a decent voice after several years of practice or whether i should just save the money and have a professional sing on it. im leaning towards the latter but last week i was leaning towards the former. there is another option of just using band websites to try and find a singer for free, but that is just insanely frustrating and awkward and nobody seems to like me anyway. but anyway so has anyone used this or something like this and is it worth considering??
exciters and enhancers are just effects, they work similiar to EQ and filters. they won't magically turn you into a better singer. a good guitar amplifier does't automatically turn you into a better player either, now does it?
First I have to tell you: you totally sound like a spammer, especially with the name NoTroll. But, I see you've been actively posting here about singing and other stuff.

I've used pitch corrections and vocal enhancers and things like that before, but none that are as revolutionary or as innovative as this one. In my experience, unless you can already sing fairly well, it will not make you sound professional and will end up a garbled mess.

I would advise you only to use things like that to touch up vocals that already sound good. If you are serious about learning to sing, there are thousands of helpful youtube videos and other free methods to teach you, and they do get results. If you have money, you can take lessons face to face with a trained instructor. Either way, it will take time and you have to be patient. Learning to sing is more straight-forward than learning to play guitar, and I found it easier to learn, but it still takes years before you're good enough to put something out to the world.

Hiring someone else can make things better, but it creates more hassles, and is ultimately less fulfilling in the end. That looks like a good product you're looking at, and I'm considering illegally downloading it, but I don't think it's what you need most right now.
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thanks for the responses guys. i realised i did sound a wee bit spammy there, im pretty far from being a robot though (for now) yea i had my doubts that this thing would be any help. i am still in 2 or 3 or 4 minds as to how to proceed, as im going nowhere at the moment. cheers anyway.