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Can you please explain why this thread keeps getting closed? Not very nice.... I am following all of the rules. Seems like someone has a vendetta. I am not trolling this is serious stuf, so please inform me if I am doing anything wrong ffs.

My last few attempts at this have been shutdown.
It is a very simple question I am asking. If you had the choice to pick one style of pickup to live with for the rest of your life (meaning you cant alter them in anyway e.g splitting bucker, coil tapping, in/out phase.) which pickup style would you choose, humbuckers or single coils?

I apologize if I have seemed rude or if the question was to general. To be quite honest I am looking for a general answer. Do you like chimey single coils, or are you a fan of crunchy high output buckers?


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You're not allowed to make a new thread asking why your last thread was closed. It's explicitly stated in the rules.

The reason your threads are getting closed is because the scenario you're putting forward is ridiculous and it applies to no one.
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You were rude and not following the rules, multiposting, being obnoxious, trying to get views on your thread by being a pest. On top of that your question was ridiculous and when that was explained you decided to tell people they were wrong (again, rudely) instead of refining the question or explaining your needs.

Do not make another thread. You were warned, you're done.