Hey guys I have a Dean MABI 24 Fret Floyd Rose with 3 Pick ups. I'm wanting to upgrade the pickups and just want to get some ideas of what you guys think would be a good upgrade. I am really just chasing a recommendation of a LACE single coil to compliment the LACE Death Bucker I am proposing to install this in the bridge, and the Bill Kellihers Dissonant Aggressor in the neck. I have 3 tone pots with 1 volume, any advice would be appreciated.
Installing a Deathbucker and a Dissonant Agrressor may be tough. The Alumitone series use 250K volume pots and the Dissonant Aggressor uses a 500K. If you have 3 tone pots you can replace and rewire at least one to a 250K volume to accommodate this. Otherwise the Deathbucker may be harshly bright or the Dissonant Aggressor to dull of you try to use a single volume pot for all 3.

To get to your actual question I'd say do a Alumitone Single coil in the middle or a Silver single coil. But if it was up to me I'd ditch the Dissonant Aggressor (although it is a stellar pickup, I have a set myself) I'd to Deathbucker Bridge, Single Coil Alumitone in the Middle and a Alumitone Humbucker Neck, just so it all matches.
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