HI everyone, i should start off by saying that i'm new to this forum, and also fairly new to guitar.

So down to business: i just brought home an epiphone les pual studio deluxe, and noticed that the bridge appears to be crooked. This is my first les pual so for all I know this could be the way it should be. However, i was hoping that somebody more knowledgeable than myself could tell me if this is a problem or not.

any help is appreciated
Thanks, Bowen
It is indeed supposed to be at an angle. My source is an Epiphone Les Paul Studio hanging form my wall.
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Yup, supposed to be crooked. It's about my Iceman has the same bridge.

Explanation is that it's for string intonation. The lower strings need a bit more space between the bridge and the nut to be the right pitch at each fret.
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Yep, that's normal. It's to compensate a little more for intonation.
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