Well not entirely, but the back of the speaker is fairly strongly magnetic, both turned on and off. It seems to not be affecting the sound, but as far as I know, speakers have an electromagne, so it should only be magnetic when turned on? Any advice as to why this happened (definitely wasn't magnetic before) and if there's anything I should do would be much appreciated, cheers.
The voice coil is an electromagnet. In addition there is also a very strong permanent ring magnet, which is what you found.

It definitely was magnetic before
That's how guitar speakers are. You might not have noticed, but they definitely all have that big ring magnet in the back.
nah I'm pretty sure the vast majority of amps have permanent magnets. They operate through the laws of electromagnetism, but they need an actual magnet to make that happen.
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Nah brother, all speakers have a magnet and usually the higher the wattage the larger the magnet. At least that was the case with my PA speakers.

I went from 200 watts a piece to 400 watts a piece on my woofers and the magnets were massively bigger. And they are always magnetic. I use the old ones on top of one speaker just to hold stuff. Allen keys, small screws, Screws from my old locking tremelo.
Yes, your speaker has a big old magnet on the back of it.

Some have smaller, lighter neodymium magnets (more powerful magnet material makes for smaller magnet sizes).
Quote by Lord_Elmo
...definitely wasn't magnetic before...

Definitely better have been, or it wouldn't work, as pointed out by others.


Lots of good reading online.
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All speakers have a permanent magnet and an electromagnet.

As the electromagnet switches polarity (which happens anywhere from 82 to 1397 times per second depending on how high the note you're playing is), it gets pushed or pulled by the permanent magnet, thus moving the fabric cone the electromagnet is connected to. That's what moves air and as such produces sound.

So yeah, it's magnetic, it's always been magnetic and if it ever stops being magnetic your speaker will stop working.

It might have gotten a little stronger in magnetism though, due to the electromagnet "charging" the permanent magnet over time.
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