Hi guys. So I just recently decided to start writing songs but I find it hard to just sit down and try to write a song. I would really appreciate any tips and advice. I would like to be at a point where it feels natural to just start writing. Thanks!
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When I started I would just start writing out lines. I literally have a 12k word document of just lines. They weren't all complete, some were just a few words. But eventually I had enough content and ideas where I could pull from all those ideas to help create a song, and in some cases use what I've written down to fill in the blanks if I already had a good work in progress.
Thanks for the tip! I will definitely try this writing method! And again thanks for taking the time to help!
I mostly motivated by lyrics from Backstreet boys. They are of emotions. The songs like 'Incomplete', 'show me the meaning of being lonely...', etc are the perfect example of feeling. I think they concentrate on lost love and it is the best ever suggestion I can able to suggest you.
First of all you need to choose a peaceful place, If choose the river side it is best. Or else the place with lots of greenery. Be cool, enjoy the beauty of the environment and start writing the lines you can definitely come up with great lines.
My tip would be just don't force a good piece of writing. You can't force anything that feels natural otherwise it wouldn't be natural..Makes sense? If you're sitting pen and paper in hand expecting to write a chart topping verse, then there's no chance. Walk around, get about your day as usual and when the lyrics come, they'll flow naturally. Personally, listening to artists I look up to and getting really into the music helps me! Good luck, and remember to always have fun with it!