about a year ago I bought a gibson/baldwin "epoch" les paul because it was the cheapest les paul at g/c. needless to say the quality is terrible but it was enough to get me by.

a mixture of the nut being cut really deep and the bridge being angled wrong from the factory, it made for low action at the lower frets and high action at the higher frets.

I put a small piece of folded printer paper between the neck and body and it pushed the neck up a bit but I might go back and add another fold

the nut was glued on from the factory and I don't want to put money into this thing so I filled the guides with baking soda

after that I added some super glue

once it dried I smoothed it out then lightly filed it to fit the strings

its not perfect but it eliminated the fret buzz

I still need to go back and adjust the bridge and the truss rod but I noticed quite a big difference in how it plays with just that.

on a side note
the neck had a ton of small dings on the back and side and wasnt shaped very well so I shaved a little off, mostly in the middle then I smoothed it out, its a lot nicer to play without the finish on the neck as well

also the screws for the input jack plate all fell out and the poorly soldered wires eventually came off the jack so I resoldered those

the frets are looking pretty bad so ill probably go back and do some fret work as well
The nut action looks way too high. You need to keep filing it dude. Though it could be the perspective of the photograph making the action look way higher than it really is. It just doesn't look right.

You also must protect the wood that you've sanded. You cannot leave the neck like that or over time the moisture from your hands will rot it out, destroying the neck.

Making the neck shim out of paper isn't a good idea either because the paper will compress over time and affect the neck angle.
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I have since dialed in the nut, took the paper out and adjusted the bridge and truss rod. I might paint the neck but that's really the least of my worries at this point, as I said before this was just the cheapest lp they had. even with all the jerry rigging I did it still doesn't play very well, comes out of tune and the wiring is pretty bad so once i get something else i doubt ill use it much if at all