Hey dudes, I have this song that I haven't really done much with that I figured I would throw on here and get some feedback.


I've been experimenting with keyboard and synth for a while and started adding it to my music. This song is a work in progress by the way, I don't like the way it ends so I might extend it a bit in the future. It also doesn't have a name. Anyways check it out and leave me some feedback, and I will gladly C4C. Thanks
Hi there, I like your track a lot, particularly the clean guitar part in the middle with the harmonies. Really nice.

The rest of the track is a little "modern" sounding in production and style for my tastes, but that's just a personal preference not really a criticism. I like the arpeggios at the beginning too and the lead guitar part is cool but the keyboard/synth seems a little high in the mix unless that was the intended effect. Overall I'm impressed though!

Could you comment on my track at this link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1655036

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It strats out very nice, it's probably a bit too modern for my tastes, it has that hardcore feel that a lot of newer prog bands utilize. Impressive production and playing though, nothing to complain there. The synth sound is a bit weird though. The lead part at 1:40 is nice, I like how it's not straight shredding, but rather a more melodic approach. The clean part is pretty cool also, but I find it a little bit generic, I maybe wouldn't call it that progressive.

The production and playing overall was really good for what it is, and I liked how transparent the rhythm section is, it blends very well with the lead parts. It was too modern for my tastes though, but that isn't really a valid argument. Nice work
Pretty sweet synths I gotta say. It sounds a little strange with the guitars at first but once the full drums kick in it sounds a lot better. The lead guitar, like everything else in the mix, sounds rlly good! I especially like the riff about a minute in! Extremely technical, I was def expecting a clean section and it was pretty peaceful! I LOVED the solo for the clean part, so much good happening there. The transition is alrite, was expecting more of a buildup rather than being thrown into another technical epic part. The drums are pretty good to I might add! definetly a good track, and a very interesting one at that!

C4C please?

*btw nice zelda cover!
Amazing song! I'll start with the solo. I thought the clean transitioned into the heavy part really nicely, although I feel like it could have been a bit shorter. The whole guitar/synth thing throughout the song is great. I would lower the volume of the synth just a little bit so the guitar can shine. I thought it was cool that of the two main riffs of the song, one is a descending riff, and one is ascending. It really turns the song into a concept.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Major Problem (Minor Solution). My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion.
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Awesome guitar and synth work! For me it had a very Childen of Bodom sound (although the riffing was a somewhat different style). would agree with what was said above - the synth could do with being a little lower in the mix for the most part. That being said it compliments the guitar parts very nicely. The clean break worked well and the transition in and out was smooth and effective. I perhaps would have cut the hi-hat count from the start of it, but thats a bit nit picky.

It would be cool to hear it with some vocals to complete it as a song.

FWIW, I actually really liked the way you ended it.

I had a little listen to the Legend of Zelda too. They are both very well done. I like the idea of giving old game themes the metal treatment. Although it might be even better to go the other way - try doing some cannibal corpse as an 8-bit gameboy cover.

I enjoyed your stuff.I look forward to hearing more.

Heres my stuff link if you fancy taking a look.