Hi! I have some problems setting up this Wilkinson tremolo on a Vintage guitar. Mainly I have no idea how to adjust the action on this, and the other problem is that turning the adjustment screws in the back of the guitar seems to have absolutely no effect on the bridge angle whatsoever. What am I doing wrong there?

Also, what are the six screws at the front of the bridge for? I have only owned a floyd rose before and that was a completely different system...

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The adjustment screws on the BACK of the bridge are to set intonation. They move the saddles back and forth, changing the scale very slightly.

If you look carefully at each of the saddles, you'll see a screw on either side of each string. Look below each saddle and you'll see two screw "legs" extending down below each saddle.

Those may be adjustable with an allen wrench, and that will allow you to set the height of each individual saddle individually. That's how you adjust the action.

The six screws arrayed along the front of the trem (next to the pickup) hold the bridge to the guitar.