another empty train blasts by
sbd/ without stopping, the throng
of pedestrians left to sigh in its wake;
and i’m glancing over my shoulder and thinking
i could be happy: that that possibility exists,
but altogether elsewhere; 

and your small
lonesome hands lay in one another
like they could be romantic, or 
might fold into other hands; (they wouldn’t
say so) and the air
stumbles down the corridor, and
the night festers off a thousand miles away
tapping the arms of yearning strangers and swaying
their shadows under the stars.
		(i’m just trying to put these pieces back 
			in their right place, i tell myself;
	but she says something and i realize
		her heart is a pump organ you play with your fists,
	   that spans thirteen octaves and shatters the sound barrier
		(the axe is laid)
maybe she’s waiting for my next move
			(i can never tell anymore)
the streets that once were inviting
seem far off, adrift in the light drizzle,
opaque with a character 
indecipherable, &smeared with gin, 
and somehow, i’ve 
missed months in absence,
neat stacks of time squandered
in the appraisal of a sound
that bends in the late summer reeds,
that hums with the crickets like a psalm,
and gets swallowed up in the lurch of subways.

she skirts off to bed 
leaving an aching need in my chest
as i watch all my hopes disappear
like a semi vaporizing on the lost highway,
the scattered particles spinning slight arcs
on the shoulder.

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Good creation, I really appreciate for your attempt in writing such a nice song. There is something hidden in the lines. Thanks for sharing!!