I'm attempting to sell an Ibanez SA360QM, which I bought for £450, with an ibanez hardcase (£110). I was thinking selling them together at £525, £425 for the guitar and £100 for the case, does this seem like a fair price?


If you are interested in buying this guitar and are in the South London area, PM me your e-mail and I will provide pictures.
What you paid for the guitar has no bearing whatsoever on what it can be sold for second hand.

Based on that the guitar costs £306 at Thomann, I believe that a fair used price for the guitar would be £200, and maybe £40-50 for the hardcase. If it is anything other than excellent condition, i.e. needs a refret or is banged up, the price is considerably reduced.

That is what I would pay for the guitar, if I was in the market for the exact model. By all means advertise the guitar for what you want for it, but be reasonable. The price is what people is willing to pay for it. If it don't sell, you can try lowering the price.
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£250-300 including the case.

Unless it's very rare, most guitars don't hold value.

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Basically it sounds like you paid too much for it to start with unfortunately if it can be had new for £306 regularly where you are located! If it's a one time (special) deal for that price wait till the sale is over before listing. If not you'll have to base your used price on a new price anyone can get it for. 60-70% of the price is a good starting point if ii great condition. So the Guitar used price should be between £200-225 and £60 for the case if you didn't overpay for that as well.

I've sold tons of musical equipment and you'll never get new prices for it unless it's Vintage. If you price your gear fairly, it'll sell eventually to the right buyer, just make sure you know the true value of your stuff. There will always be low-balling a-holes that no matter what price you offer they try to drastically uncut your asking price. If you know the $$$ value you can ignore these types as they are looking for desperate sellers who are in a bind.
Don't over price expecting to haggle a lot, leave a tiny bit of negotiating as knowledgeable buyers know the true value as well. Over-pricing leads to no offers. If you want to sell badly, price a little below used market prices and hold firm to your price. If it's already a deal then again buyers in the know will snap it up.
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priced way too high, £200 with the case would be about right depending on condition.