The quality is pretty terrible honestly, but I like the feel of the riffs alot. Sounds like something Nirvana would have pumped out at some point. The vocals are pretty grungy, but that doesn't mean they incredibly great or anything. Ever heard early Nirvana live? Kurt Cobain straight up sounds terrible but he got so much better over time. Cleaner vocals would sound much better but yours fit the song very well. I also hear some timing problems with the rythmn early on. I'm very impressed with the grnungy solo, its strange to listen to and sounds pretty crazy at some points, kind of like your just f*cking with your guitar and making it sound pretty unique. It sounds like you recorder it live no? Please please please, get it recorded and mastered with better quality. You really have something cool here.

Hey man, i know the recording sucks i recorded it with my phone. i'm going to buy better recording gear next week but not sure what to buy. im thinking of a 8 track recorder or some condensator mic's so that would improve the quality and i listen to nirvana yeah it's awesome and i just started singing for about a year so it will improve over time.
but im glad you like it, thx
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