Had this song ready to post for a little bit but decided to fine tune it a bit more. The result is a house song with hints of glitch, trap, and video game music! I'm very happy with the direction it took and would love some feedback on how it turned out and I will gladly C4C. Link:

This sounds pretty cool, I could see this in a video game soundtrack. From what I understand of this type of music the mix sounds pretty decent. Nice job
Hello there.

This sounded pretty sweet. The initial bass line gave me a very Pendulum vibe. I was listening to it build up expecting it to suddenly kick in hard but when it did it changed to a different vibe. I was simultaneously disappointed that I couldnt get my Pendulumy groove on but also quite pleased you did something different with it. You got me again towards the end too - build up, build up, here it comes...... something different!

I enjoyed the arpeggio that came in around 0:40 and the way you ping ponged the panning a little while after.

It did give me a very computer game feel but it moved trough a few different vibes so actually made me think of a few kinds of games.

Nice work!

It does sound like a pretty intense video game to start with but there's nothing wrong with that at all cos I'm really into that. I also enjoyed how you changed it up - especially from about 1:30 onwards.

Really enjoyable - good work!
Hi owen556,

thanks for the feedback on my F Aeolian piece. Appreciate the constructive criticism and the positive points too.

I've listened to this piece you've posted. Sounds pretty good. Can't really think of anything wrong with it. Production wise it sounded fine. To be honest I'm not all that familiar with writing House/Eletronic music so I can't really comment on whether the song arrangement was right or wrong or whether you should have done this or that. So sorry to be a nuisance lol.

But yeah, good job

I liked the bassline + tone in the beginning - you've got some cool effects running.

Very Japanese video game music sorta feel to it, but the rhythms are cool - love the breakdowns + how the bass adds contrast.

Honestly, it's very fresh - I dont quite know how to describe this kind of music, but it sounds good!

Have a listen to my track and let me know what you think: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32960708

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I think you have a good balance in this sonically. Good balance structurally too as there's lots of variety but a sense of unity through it. The rising wind-like sound that comes in at about :22 is really good for kicking up the intensity. The intro before that could maybe be a little shorter since the changes that happen there are subtle and that bass synth line starts sounding kind of repetitive. Just my own taste.
Thanks for feedback on my song, I've developed it a bit further now if you want to have a listen!

I like the build up at the beginning and the bass throughout the song is nice. The only minor thing I would say is that the song changes too much for me after the drop at 29 seconds. I thought it would have carried on with that same riff but that's just me. Other than that it's pretty cool, well done!
Did you program the arpeggio notes around 50 seconds individually or was it a preset because it sounds sick lol. Thanks for the feedback on my song btw. At first this reminded me of final fantasy but now it sounds like an old school nintendo racing game. You have some nice tones for your synths too. I liked it though, nice stuff man, but I have a suggestion, for your next song try and make something really dark and demented, but in the same style, it would be sick
Very interesting and enjoyable track, I was pleasantly surprised after the intro. I really like how the part at around 0:56 pans from left to right and the part from 3:05 with the delay. There is a lot going on and a lot of different parts which keeps it interesting throughout. Mix sounds good to me too. Can't really think of any ideas to improve it but I'm not a connoisseur on this type of music. Impressive stuff anyhow.
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enjoyed the track quite a bit, gave me a kind of nostalgic feeling while reminding me a bit of a 2d fighters soundtrack. Prouction is clear with the lows not too protruding, any chance you could give me some mastering tips over dm? fairly new to producing
LOVE this! Boss level=expert is what I would have named this track if it were mine. Dig the glitchy aspect of the whole thing. Entering dubstep territory.
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Hi Owen, really enjoyed your track, the overall mix was great. Everything had its own space and the kick drum was punchy with bait of dirt to it which work really well with the synth parts.

I enjoyed all the different melodies and rhythms you had in there but particularly at 0:45 and 2:45 the arrangements were awesome!. Look forward to hearing more like this.

C4C - Please could you check out my second track over at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=32981392#post32981392.

Thanks, M
Sorry for being a bit late (and sorry if bumping this now is against the rules) but I saw you commenting my track (and to be honest, I wasn't expecting anybody to comment it six months after I had posted the thread - and that may be the reason why I missed your comment).

Yeah, your track definitely has a soundtrack feel to it. It could fit some 90s video game for sure. The part I enjoyed the most was the build up in the end (at around 2:30). The part at around 0:30 sounded great too. I was kind of expecting the bass drum to drop out at 0:55 but it fit it perfectly so I can't complain. It was kind of predictable but I guess sometimes predictability is good.

I think it had a pretty good flow. The transitions were pretty good. It worked well as a song.
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