I'm going to buy a baritone acoustic guitar soon and this is the only one I can afford. I tried researching others but it seems this is the most affordable for people who can't buy "million" dollar guitars. I tried visiting a guitar center near me but they don't have acoustic baritone guitars because nobody looks for them, so if you own one, please tell me the pros and cons of this beautiful instrument.
Haven't played one myself, but they're about the same as any other cheap acoustic guitar, not bad, but not great. The only real con I guess you could say is that it's not solid mahogany, it's laminate, which gets the job done but it won't blow you away. If you want a cheap baritone it's really good considering you can get one for about $400-$500. Some online dealers will have some sort of trial period where if you get it and don't like the sound you can ship it back, so that might help with your decision.