feedback on riff: Meh, don't get me wrong it was nice but i've heard it before.

Feedback on recording: the metronome is your friend as is E.Q. say hello to both

Keep playing.
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Hey its not bad your first riff, that leads me to belive you've either just started playing or just started writing. Either or its a decent start, I sense a bit of Metallica in there as well as some Iron Maiden. I know for a fact that IS an Iron Maiden riff, listen to El Dorado off the Final Frontier album and its very similar! Try learning it, its an easy song and it'll def give you some ideas of where to take your riff. Maybe try your best to make this first riff a first song and then were getting somewhere.

It's not a bad riff, but like people said above, you need some form of time keeping to avoid the sort of stop - start feeling at the end of each measure.

Keep going, develop the idea, add a change to a new riff etc. It's the best way to get better (god knows its what I need to do).

It sucks less than the first song I ever wrote (3 chord wonder with bass and melody following the root notes).

Keep on playing and creating!