Hi, people. I'm new to the forums. I was hoping for some feedback on my writing style, instrumentation, and overall songs. I write more for fun than anything, right now, but its a dream of mine to record with a band and do vocals. I have a laundry list of influences from all over the heavy music spectrum and I attempt to meld all of them, sometimes but not always fluidly because there's a jarring quality that I desire at times. I also like to occasionally employ dissonance and feedback ala Dillinger, Converge, Ion Dissonance, Norma Jean, etc. I have quite a few songs, so if anyone's interested in hearing more, just ask.

Update: I added some midis and a tuxguitar for I Was Born, would have added GP5 if the mix upon conversion wasn't so sinfully bad.

UPDATE: WAV files (basically MP3s) for both: I Was Born http://www.mediafire.com/listen/546o3d6rk6ffepb/I_Was_Born.wav

Broke Wing: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/e8n8x4qae8pylym/Broke_Wing.wav

Hope you like:
I Was Born.gpx
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Hey buddy, good to have someone keeping the forum alive here. I think you'll find plenty of people who like the "true" Metalcore bands here (i.e., Converge) but what most of us are not a fan of is GP6 and hence files with the ".gpx" extension. Try a MIDI or mp3 if it can't be supplied in GP5/4/3, TG or PT and you'll get some reception.
Lose the breakdowns and more dissonance please. Will give a detailed crit if you ask for it, I'm not gonna bother if you don't want to hear my opinion (which might not be positive)
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Wow, such a constructive crit. I mean I'm lazy, that's why I nowadays rarely crit but every single post I've seen from you in this forum is completely pointless.
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Go ahead and tell me what you think. And no aggression, please. I'm fine with any comment on the songs, be it short or long. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen.