Hi UG people! Im just wondering what exactly do I need to play guitar with it being connected to my computer. Im not wanting to play out of my speakers necessarily, but just put my headphones on, hear myself with effects and whatnot. I don't know much about the equipement needed so what would you suggest? Being able to record is not absolutely needed, but would be a plus. I want to be able to use my amp as the main source of sound and my effects pedals too
I'm assuming you want to play/record silently, is that right?

I'm assuming your amp has headphone out or direct out that you want to use?

You need a USB audio interface. The Focusrite Scarlett USB stuff, just for example. Take a look at that. If you're only doing one input and you don't need anything fancy, the small one is totally fine.

Get a cable to connect your headphone out to your interface (probably a 3.5mm to 1/4"), and you'll be golden.

If you have an amp without a headphone or direct out, then things become a lot more expensive and complicated, possibly even impossible.

So, what amp do you have, exactly?
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I have a Delta Mofset Lead. Yup i have both those inputs and the 1/4 jack cconverter. Do I need software? Say I want to implement more effects or to record, will that Scarlet work?
Look at the Korg Pandora PX5D or the Pandora Mini. You'll be able to run it into the computer for recording, but you'll also be able to use everything it has, ON BATTERY, with your headphones. And you won't need to cart around a computer and the MINI will go in your pocket (well, so will the PX5D, for that matter).
I read reviews that the POD has hiss problems and that the scarlett clips like nuts so i think im set for the stienberg ur22. I haven't read anything bad about it and my local store carries it. Now, the only disadvantage is that it comes with less software than the POD but it looka to be better quality for recording. Is there any other software i should look at?