Yet another excuse for not mowing the lawn.

I've had a set of GFS active tone controls lying around in my junk box for ages:


I decided to put them in the highly modded Raptor:

This has a universal pickup rout, so there was space under the pickguard for the PCB and pots between the pickups. I installed the pots with the shafts poking through into the trem spring cavity:

The passive controls feed into the actives, so I didn't need particularly easy access to the active controls. - They are intended more for tone shaping, as in the Blade system. The (3pdt) switch toggles between active and passive, but it makes a loud pop. This might be because it also switches the battery, as a backup to the socket switch. Any suggestion for fixing this, apart from removing the battery switch?

As you can see, access to the battery, also in the trem spring cavity, is fairly easy, and I just need to make a cover for it.

In broad terms the actives seem to be adding depth to the tone, rather like subtle reverb or delay, in addition to their tone-shaping capability.