I'm not a fan of punk or pop punk mainly because of the simplicity and whiny vocals. However, this song has a rockin bassline which you can actually hear through the mix! The lyrical content is relatable and besides an uneasy first few bars, it grows into something pretty damn good. I'll be honest I was skeptical because im not a fan of the genre, but the riffs are pretty cool especially about a minute in where the bass and guitar trade licks/riffs. Very well done for a first song, and please keep your bassist!

C4C please?

*edit, is that a reference to something at the ending?
pretty good song, listened to it a few times that bassline is damn good. I really dig this, a lot of the newer pop punk sounds the same, and though I am a fan of the genre, its growing, but this feels pretty fresh. I look forward to more
Like someone said above, I'm not a fan of the style of vocals in pop-punk, but the music is particularly good in this song. The sound is clear but not too clear, and the drums and bass keep the song dynamic (instead of just pounding 4/4 with a one note bassline).

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