I know both amps are high end amps. I like Laney because i have seen Paul Gilbert use them. I think Killswitch Engage are Laney endorsers now too. I like ENGL because i saw Buckethead live in Lawrence, Kansas and he had an Engl half stack

I was just wondering if someone could tell me why there is such a big difference in price.
They are both 2x12 combos but i was wondering if someone could tell me why the Engl is so much more ?

The Laney goes for about $1000 and the Engl goes for like $3000 !! are the features on the Engl really worth paying $2000 more ? from my little research i know the Engl has some features that the Laney doesn't have like an extra 40watts,a noise gate, an extra dedicated channel, and i think 8 tubes vs 6 tubes on the Laney. I want an amp that i can play Hard Rock/Metal on but that i can also get good cleans out of. I plan to play live and i'm going to be a professional musician. For whatever reason i prefer combo amps over heads and cabinets. I was just hoping someone would be more familiar with these two amps than i am and could educate me. Thank you !
Because the Laney is a cheap made in china amp and the Engl is made in Germany with better quality parts
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Because the Laney is a cheap made in china amp and the Engl is made in Germany with better quality parts

+1 period. better standards, better components, superior assembly in germany. not in china. also they probably.

i dpn't understand these questions keeping up. these topics, a kia and a porsche.

also you will find with other amps are hand wired, thta is another cost related thing, but is NOT in this thread.
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