I've decided to cover one of the songs I'm most familiar with since my girlhood, which is 'Back To Your Heart' by the Backstreet Boys. I hope a boyband song won't turn people away from listening!


What I'd like to know:

- Technically, am I okay?
- How pitchy am I?
- Does it sound like my breath is well supported?
- Do I sound nasal throughout?
- Is the foreign accent a put-off? Any weird pronunciations?

If there's anymore input about the vocals that will be useful, please let me know.
You had to choose the backstreet boys?

oy alright, fine, dammit.

How old are you? You sound very young and your voice is not developed. Even so, you don't sound bad or anything. You certainly need to get a teacher. Everyone does when they are starting off.

The foreign accent is part of you. Don't worry about it. Those who don't like it can F-off.

Do yourself a favor and just get a teacher. Within 1 month you will thank me. Nothing replaces a good teacher. Nothing.
I'm already in my mid 20's as a 90's kid growing up with bubblegum pop music, not all music is bad to be honest, the reason I like the BSB (and similar 'artists' along the same line) is mostly nostalgic. Regardless of who sings it, the composition can't be that bad. Also, boybands kinda taught me about harmonizing.

I've been teaching myself to sing for over 6 months and by watching Youtube tutorials. I don't think I'll be able to afford a voice coach anytime soon, but I can see why a vocalist (wannabe or not) would need one.

Just in case I decide to save up and get a voice teacher, how does one know the teacher is good?
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Nah, folks can listen to anything they want. No discrimination there, I just really hate the tone/message/largely everything about those groups. Doesn't mean you have to too.

OT- If you can't afford a teacher, maybe join a local choir group or talk to the leader of that. It's better than what you have now. You need feedback from someone in the same room as you. As for teachers? A good teacher will have actual training in a decent school and you can ask/search for reviews from people that have used them. Also, try and get a teacher that teaches in a similar vein to the music you want to sing.

For you, opera wouldn't be the answer but contemporary pop might be.

Good luck man. Sounding young is absolutely a product on an underdeveloped voice, but that will grow with time and proper practice. Until you learn proper practice from a trained individual, your improvement track may be very shoddy.