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I figured enough UGers had a 3DS or at least were interested in talking some smash to merit this thread. If not, oops sorry guess it'll just die. All smash talk is chill here, even if you have no interest in the new game and just want to talk about the good ol' days of 64 and Melee.. and that other one on the Wii I guess.

With the release of the Japanese 3DS version of SSB4 a few days ago, the world has already been exposed to the vast majority of the game. I'm interested in hearing what other people have to say about it, or if people are abstaining from spoiling things for themselves, etc.

I for one am incredibly excited for the game, and will definitely be purchasing both the Wii U and 3DS versions. I have a lot of thoughts on the metagame and certain characters but until I gauge whether or not people are willing to discuss spoilers I'll hold my tongue

This thread can also be used for sharing FCs and setting up matches when the game officially comes out! Smash 4 for 3DS releases in Europe and North America October 3rd. Smash 4 for Wii U rumored to be out November 21st.
I was gonna make this thread but i'm trying to stay away from knowing too much

maybe i will dominate all of you guys soon
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crash bash master race

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I was gonna make this thread but i'm trying to stay away from knowing too much

maybe i will dominate all of you guys soon

I got your back man, I understand how a lot of people like to do that. I just get excited for knowledge and can't help myself lol

I guess if some of us want to discuss the spoilers, the spoiler tag is there for a reason
I really only casually played the first game, then just a small bit of melee. Have never touched Brawl or Project M, and never did anything remotely competitive. I was never a big fan anyway.

That said, i'll definitely be picking it up for the Wii U when it comes out, and i'll be hopefully maining Villager because Animal Crossing is the best.
I just looked over the character list.

Wii Fit Trainer? wtf
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I'd probably get it if I had a wii u or 3ds. was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
Gosh dammit. In like 2010, Smash Bros. Brawl was like all we would do. Between my house and a few friends' house there were constantly people playing that game. It was just the thing to do in any idle moment you walked into either living room.

I was always really good with Ike, Solid Snake, Sonic or R.O.B.

Those were some damn good times.
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3DS is worth getting for this and Pokemans alone tho

Unless it's half life 3, no game is worth paying multiple hundreds of dollars for. was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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I played the demo. I disliked the controls. There better be an option to customize the controls.

There is. The only thing you cannot do is assign movement to the d-pad I believe.
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Btw! if anyone wants codes to play the 3DS demo right now tell me. First come first serve. I have 2 extra.

Yes please
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I refuse to play the 3DS version out of principle.
that's because you're a nerd

i played the 3ds demo today for a bit. definitely a much more fluid game than Brawl, so I'm happy about that. Controls were awkward getting used to, the classic style doesn't really agree with me. I need my gamecube controller back.

Played a match as Link and another as Megaman. Seeing a big improvement on Link over his version in Brawl, which was so bad I considered him unplayable.

I'd say in terms of gameplay mechanics it's somewhere between Brawl and Melee. Not too slow, and not too fast (although imo Melee was my preferred speed).

Played as Megaman a bit too, which was surprisingly awesome. Never played a Megaman series in my life but he's definitely gonna be a fun character to play as.
Getting that sweet demo download on now

Gonna be cool to play it, although playing it while having seen the full version of the game will be a bit disappointing... but I'm not complaining
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crash bash master race

best game master race indeed
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i played melee a lot and brawl for a tiny bit, brawl was weeeird. The jumping was floaty and it felt more sluggish. I didn't like it.
I don't play video games anymore aside from a few PC games, but SSB was my life growing up. I recently played the original with a few friends a few weeks ago for the first time in over a decade and I still cleaned house :satin: :deval: :distroy:
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December 14, 2017
Mega Man is fun, just starting to learn him.

I suck as Villager, do not get the character at all. I know I'm supposed to tree camp but that's just not fun.

Mario has gotten much better, enjoying him very much right now
I just got hit with Villager's Final Smash. Not really all that effective, unless they made all the final smashes less effective

I am still getting used to the hand held controls I guess. Still not sure what the difference in L and R is right now
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I refuse to play the 3DS version out of principle.

I sort of feel this way, but at the same time I know damn well I'm not gonna get a Wii U so I'll probably just end up getting it for 3DS.
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Having way too much fun with the demo. I've figured out some cool stuff with Mega Man and Mario and Link seem WAY better than their brawl counterparts.

Dat F-Air meteor smash on Mario.. just damn. Best it's ever been.
I'm really looking forward to it for the online play. Aside from pokemon, which doesn't really count much, the only online game I have is MK7.
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Accepting demo code donations
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