Why is it that my earbuds can't take being plugged directly into the output of my bass amp, but work fine, when say, listening to a recording of me playing bass (or even lower pitch)?
HOly crap -- NEVER plug your earbuds into the speaker output of your amp. You're well on your way to killing both buds and amp (if it's a tube amp). Your buds are not designed for that voltage.
But it works fine with my electric, and I tried it at a very low volume.
I think OP means that he plugs his headphones into the headphone jack on his amp.

As for the buzz, this is a common problem with the headphone outputs on guitar and bass amps. Probably because that option is added as a sales gimmick. The easiest way to fix this is to play with cheap over-the-ear headphones that can’t reproduce the high end where hiss and buzz live.
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I think OP means that he plugs his headphones into the headphone jack on his amp.

Not what it looks like to me. Looks like he's talking about a speaker output, or maybe a line out.

OP: Unless the jack is specifically labeled "Headphones", do not plug headphones into it. That is definitely the cause of the buzz, and you're lucky that buzzing is the only issue you got. Don't do it again. You're lucky if you haven't already done permanent damage to both the amp and earbuds.

As for your question about why that doesn't work, when your headphones sound fine listening to a recording of you playing bass.... I'm not going to write an essay explaining the science behind it. Suffice it to say that a recording being played back from a computer or MP3 player or something is a very different kind of sound signal than what comes out of the output jacks on an instrument amplifier.
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