This is a one-off custom guitar I saw on Craigslist. It got me interested because it probably has a unique sound (it has Gretsch pickups, and I've given thought to maybe buying a Gretsch), and I think it looks fairly nice too. Would it be a risky purchase? And how much would you pay for this guitar? One thing that jumps out at me is that it has a Squier neck (assuming it has the correct decal on it), which suggests low-end parts.
Look at it less as a "custom" and more of a partscaster. I don't know what partscasters go for these days, but that DOES look kinda nifty.
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$575 is pricey for a Craigslist partscaster. It might be a great guitar and worth every penny or it might be a turd, only playing it will tell. But if you buy it the resale/trade value will be shit. And you could probably just do better buying a brand-name guitar new/used.
I like the look of it, but I suggest you go have a play of it. You're probably never going to get that money back, so don't look at it as an investment or anything like that- every dump I take is one of a kind, doesn't mean it's worth anything.

If you're going to buy it, don't even consider its value. Play it and see if you like it, and if you do and think it's worth $575 to you then grab it.

One of my guitars is likely worthless but I've spent that amount on it, purely because I love the way it plays and sounds. I'm never going to sell it. If I were you I'd view it like that.
All the parts look good to me. I wouldn't worry about the neck, they are fine. If you want something different from the crowd then I would suggest the asking price is OK provided it is as well made as it appears.
Not a bad looking guitar. The only thing I noticed that you'd need to fix is the lack of shielding in the control cavity. No foil and no conductive paint from what I can see.
Looks like a nice guitar. Priced a bit high I think... Squier neck, those pickups can be had for $69 on ebay... solid, but not high end parts.
I'd give him 350 and even then I'd be iffy about it.
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