For classical/acoustic: Knocking On Heaven's Door (some very common chords used here), rhythm guitar for acoustic version of Layla (good exercise for barre chords), if you're a fingerpicker try learning some basic Travis picking, Freight Train (try more simple versions of the song and then work up to the Chet Atkins version) and That'll Never Happen No More by Blind Blake (should get you interested in alternating bass fingerstyle).

For electric: learn basic rock 'n' roll shuffle (numerous songs can be played just using this), House Of the Rising Sun (can play with fingers or a pick), Paranoid (good for speed development), Money For Nothing (power chords usage) and many more.

This is from my point of view list but you should adjust it to the style and music that you love. The best way to begin is to try learning songs that you want to learn no matter if they are for beginners or not. I have mentioned some songs that might not seem to be for beginners but if you like playing them and song similar to them, they should be your starting point.

If this is not your taste in music I hope more people will post with some other suggestions and music tastes. And if you are really a beginner and know very little about guitar playing, combine learning music theory with learning the beginner songs and your favorite songs. Everything will seem more logical if you do it that way and you will learn stuff without even trying too hard.
I can play a few songs like hurt from Johnny cash. F bar chord isn't that difficult for me.

Layla is a good song.
The Beatles - She Loves You (good for basic chord changes)

Emerson Lake & Palmer - From the Beginning (might be a little challenging but will get you doing some interesting chord changes)
Don't know how newb you are, but if you're extremely newb...

I think Smells Like Teen Spirit is pretty good to learn. It's an easy chord shape, but you have to keep moving it around and you also need to be mindful about muting strings. It's simple enough that you can easily make it sound recognizable, but there's plenty of things you can do to make it sound better too.
And it's got a pretty easy and recognizable solo.

I also like Flake by Jack Johnson.
Horse with no name – America
For what it’s worth – buffalo Springfield
House of the rising sun – the animals, bob Dylan and others
Where did you sleep last night? – nirvana, lead belly and others
Friend of the devil – the grateful dead
If you like Bob Dylan, any of his songs would be very good to start with because they are not musically very complex but are still wonderful.