I am working on my new EP and finished recording one of the songs. I am curious what you think about it.


If you want me to criticize your song, just post a link and I will listen to it.

Good song, very nice progression and development of the song on how you gradually introduced different harmonies which all came together at the end.

You've got a good contrast dynamically between your verse and chorus. To help build the verse up towards the chorus you could try slowly increasing the volume of the guitars which would have a crescendo effect.

The melodic solo part around 2:55 has good note choice and fades back into the quiet section very smoothly.

Good song overall!!

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Ich mag es! The calm parts are mellow, but still very melancholic. The heavy parts are well played, but with a hint of lo-fi that gives it that doom sound. I also listened to A Sigh Trapped In Amber. When I have time, I'll definitely check out the other songs.

Here's my latest song Major Problem (Minor Solution). My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion.
Hello there.

This is a cool track. The recording and mix is nice and clear. It started to give me quite Tool sort of feeling towards the end (which is no bad thing). The clean (verse?) sections were really well worked - the guitars had a delicate quality that really made the feeling of it for me. I really liked the production on the heavy (chorous?) vocals, particularly the doubling/delay on the first couple of lines. I would have liked to hear something similar on the verse vocals - maybe a little echo of the last word of the line or something.

I think the really fast double kick at 4:20 sounded out of place (partly because of the resulting bass frequency build up I was getting in my headphones).

Overall I really liked this song. I listened to it 3 times while writing this and it really got into my head. I look forward to hearing more.

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