Hi! So yeah, two weeks ago our new puppy managed to break my dad's guitar. she managed to do that cause I foolishly enough let it stand in an exposed part of the house, so it's basically my fault for not thinking. I feel really bad about this cause it was a guitar dad has had for about 20 years.

any tips for a relatively cheap acoustic guitar out there which is fair enough to play? It doesn't have to be top notch, but I really want to get him a new one.

Sorry for the english, by the way, I'm Norwegian, haha.
I think you should buy him a new amp.

edit: oh also you are a dickhead for breaking a 20 year old guitar. I would renounce you if you were my child.
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Is it not repairable? That might be nicer than getting a new one if possible.
You could get him an m8m since you're swedish.
He might appreciate it.
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If you don't like the new amp option you could always buy a mac.
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Is it not repairable? That might be nicer than getting a new one if possible.

yeah I'd seriously look into repairing it more than I would buying a cheap guitar. I can't really imagine the damage a puppy could do to make a guitar irreparable.
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order him a pagelli stone top guitar.
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