It's that time again! I've just uploaded a new crushing track. It's got... Oh, just read the description on Soundcloud. Please tell me what you think, for better or worse, and please like and/or share. Or just enjoy.

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Major Problem (Minor Solution)
Good composition mate, the riffs and rhythmic changes around 1:10 and 2:30 were well done and the drum pattern behind complemented your riffs very well.

The drums sounded quite far away in the mix, I don't know if you used bait of reverb on them but you could get them a little "closer" sounding and more in your face by turning some of the reverb down.

Great track, keep them coming!

Thanks, M
Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

I like what you've done here. Good riffs. You have a good sense of melody. I like the piano in the outro. If I could change a few things - I would make some adjustments to the tone. Are you recording direct in or through your amp? The tone could seriously use some more low end and a little less mids. That breakdown section needs a little more punch. Also, the clean guitar part in the intro sounds a little off time in some spots. In the words of Jack Black in School of Rock "tighten up the screws." Lol.. I'm just nitpicking though.

I also think it could use a short but sweet, melodic guitar solo somewhere in the outro. Overall great work. Keep it up!
Actually, since you mentioned Jack Black, the one note riff that goes into that breakdown part is the same vocal rhythm as in the Tenacious D song Rock Your Socks: "Give it up for KG, give it for me!"

But thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the tone needs work. I'm micing my amp with a condenser and an SM-57, but I've yet to find my sweet spot in terms of EQ. It's a work in progress. I envision myself rerecording these songs in a studio eventually, so I don't worry too much about it.
Very nice work.

The composition is well developed and your performance is pretty tight sounding too. I liked the section from 0:30 which sounded nice and heavey and the little breakdown around the 1:30 mark. And the piano really made the outro special - I would have liked to hear that section develop a little more.

Your drum track is also very well written to compliment the guitar parts, although mix wise it could maybe use some notches here and there to ease some guitar-drum conflicts.

Impressive work!.

It's pretty good, I like the writing a lot. I think the song would really flourish with some better quality guitars and what not. Sweet song for sure though, nice job
Really cool song. I love crazy and chaotic stuff like that. The composition is great, wouldn't change a thing... almost – hey, you need more of that cowbell!
The only problem is the sound. As a demo it is good and you get the song, which is great, but it could sound more professional. The guitars have a little to much room, the drums are too far away and the piano has an artificial place in the mix. Overall you need to condense the sound more, putting it all together adjust the instruments to each other.
But thats just the mix, the song - I like it
Thanks for all the feedback! I'm still working on the mix. I might upload a remix of it later, even though I'll lose all those thousands of plays and likes that I got. Maybe I'll thin out the guitar a bit so the kick drum and toms really come through. I'll figure it out. Thanks for following me, and more to come in the near future.
The ironic (kind of) thing about the cowbell is that in the SNL skit, Will Ferrell is supposed to just count the 4/4 beat on the cowbell (which he manages to screw up). My song starts by using the cowbell to count the accents on a very irregular beat (11/8).
I've remixed it after listening to your suggestions, and it sounds much better now. Not perfect, but the guitars sound individually clearer now, and every aspect of drums seems to cut through better without drowning the guitars. I'll upload the song later. It'll be the same exact link.
Thanks for the comments! I made the choir sounds with EZkeys using the Mellotoon EZX. If you don't know, the Mellotron was a fascinating precursor to the synth. It had a keyboard layout, and it would simulate different sounds by running a tape head across a short line of tape with a prerecorded sound for each key that you press. Imagine as if you have 36 tape recorders, each playing a single note. Anyway, it's a cool history lesson.

I happen to be a big fan of Death (their later stuff, like Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic. I actually do a guitar cover of Without Judgement on my Youtube channel.

I'll check out your song now.
Those are some insane rhythms! TOok me a while to get into the groove of it. Lots of changes!

Very refreshing rhythms, though. I was longing for a solo along the way.

Cowbell sounds cool! The grooves really get to you man - great feel to it. And like everyone said, the choir is awesome!

Great track!

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