SLow intro, sounds like it should be played with a slide for maximum....slide-ness? You are able to palm mute well but its overused a little bit, like I hear the same phrases a good amount. The solo doesn't really go anywhere until around 1:30 where it really picks up into something interesting and full of voice and power, kind of what i was waiting for. Especially like the lick right around 3 minutes in and again at 3:10. It sounds really well done! Honestly, nice use of the whammy/hybrib picking as well (whenever you pick, then finger pick, and use the whammy at the same time.) THe ending was kind a bit quick but overall this is a sweet track. Keep soloing man. Also I remember your F# locrian video, this one was much lighter and made good use of the modes particular strengths.

C4C please?
To begin with, I love your tones!

The backing track sounds amazing, and the lead tone lends a sweet mellow sound to the track!

The playing is amazing, though the phrasing in some parts could be a bit better.

I liked how you accentuated the rhythm with your lead parts from time to time. A great track! Even more so if it was an improv!

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