Hey guys...

I'm looking to get a board and appropriate power. Right now I have a daisy chain one spot, powering a TC polytune, a boss DA-2, a way huge green rhino, a TC flashback, and a ditto looper. I'm looking for appropriate power---i was looking at a voodoo labs pedal power 2..would this suffice? I also saw the voodoo labs 4x4 which was recommended for strymon pedals. I dont' have one yet, but i definitely would like one--so would that power source be necessary, or would the Pedal power 2 power strymon pedals as well?

Shopping for this stuff blind usually ends in disappointment or just spending too much.

Inventory your pedals. Add up all the ma required and add 30%. Make sure you account for any odd voltages, connectors, or reversed polarity. Then go shopping.
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What Cajundaddy said is true. You just want to look at what your pedals need and factor in that you might want more later on.

That said, the 4x4 is absolutely great. I had one when I had an extensive pedalboard and it really delivered.